Welcome to Iason Sifakis !

At the interface of computational, experimental and developmental neuroscience, Iason came from Crete to join our lab. Exciting times ahead!

Welcome to Zuzana Durajová !

Zuzana comes from the bioinformatics IBISA's master in Rennes (France) and got an Erasmus support to spend 6 months in our team. Looking forward to our computational journey to begin !
Feb 2024

Welcome to Louis Foucault, 1st postdoc of the lab!

Our team is growing, with Louis coming from Olivier Raineteau's lab in Lyon (France), expert in neural stem cells and fate mapping.
Jan 2024

1st experiment of the lab !

Today is an important day for us, as Chelsea and Ines are doing the first experiment of the lab!
16th Nov 2023

Welcome to Chelsea Hayen, first PhD student of the lab !

Oct 2023

Binf job offer !

Want to dig into single-cell and spatial transcriptomics combined with barcoding approaches to study the development of emotional circuits? My lab is seeking a highly motivated master’s student with a strong background in bioinformatics. Please share and get in touch if interested!Attribute: Flaticon via @flaticon
Fall 2023

We are hiring !

Our PhD Call 2024 is officially open 👩‍💻 👉 Looking for candidates who are creative, ambitious, highly motivated, and enthusiastic about neuroscience! 📅 Deadline: 15 January 2024 📝 Interviews: May/June 2024 in Leuven Belgium
Fall 2023

Welcome to Ines Verbesselt, technician and first member of the lab !

Sept 2023

Klingler lab opening @ Leuven

Fall 2023

NeuroFrance 2023 (Lyon, Société des Neurosciences)

Transcriptomics: challenges and perspectives
May 24-25th, 2023

Advances and Challenges in Studying Brain Disorders: from Development to Aging.

Discover our Research Topic in Frontiers in Neuroscience, co-edited with Subashika Govindan and Fiona Francis. When technologies meet in vitro and in vivo disease modeling ...


April, 2023

NSC-Reconstruct workshop in Munich

Transplant connectomics and strategies to improve the structural and functional integration of replacement cells in neurodegenerative and traumatic disorders.



January 25th, 2023