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Esther Klingler, group leader

I studied integrative Biology and Neuroscience in Pierre & Marie University (Paris – France). During these years, I went from cell polarity in drosophila (summer internship in Cambridge – UK) to associative learning in rats (1st year master internship in Orsay – France). I next did my PhD in the Fer à Moulin Institute (Paris – France) under the supervision of Laurence Goutebroze and studied the abnormal development of inter-hemispheric tracts in transgenic mice, using histological and in vitro axon guidance assays.

I next moved to the University of Geneva (Switzerland) for my postdoc and joined the group of Denis Jabaudon, where I used experimental and computational approaches based on RNA sequencing and axon tracing to address the emergence of projection neuron diversity during development in the mouse neocortex.

I have received a Prima grant from SNSF and I am starting my own group of research in the VIB KU-Leuven Center for Brain & Disease research, where we will study the molecular trajectories of amygdala neurons during development.

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